Hormonal woman tests local car crime statistics

by | Mar 17, 2014

What happens when you cross pre menstrual syndrome with driving a car and running late to pick up from school?
You get a lady with a cloudy brain, who almost crashes the car, then leaves it unlocked, with the engine still running whilst she goes to collect her kids.

Yep, that was me.


We all know the common symptoms of PMS, which I don’t need to document, but how many of you ladies out there also suffer from a cloudy brain too? I read an article that refers to this symptom as ‘brain fog’, which for me, describes it perfectly.

The change in the levels of ovarian hormones is thought to affect a number of brain/body functions around the time of the menstrual cycle. And the way that we regulate these changes differs from person to person, which is why the symptoms manifest themselves in so many different ways. For a detailed explanation of what happens during this time, I can recommend this article from herplace.com.

I am happy to report that what happened to me the other day was unusual, but there is one week every month where I make more mistakes, can’t drive properly (no women driver jokes here please) and generally have trouble focusing. It’s more annoying than feeling irritable!

I feel more aware, during this time, of my need to focus on everyday normal tasks and I have to constantly remind myself of the things I need to do. This incident last week, followed an exercise class and I blame the fact that I haven’t done much exercise recently, so it was obviously such a shock to my body that it affected my brain too. Exercise is clearly not good for you!

Please tell me that I’m not the only one? I would love to hear what strange things happen to you when it’s your time of the month. In the name of research, let’s come together and share our stories with each other.


  1. Lydia Devadason

    Hey, I haven’t noticed this experience on a monthly basis (my brain prefers a more weepy and shouty state) but it sounds surprisingly similar to the ‘baby brain’ I got during the end of my pregnancy and for many months after the birth of both of my children. You don’t always notice you’re in the fog until you come out of it and realise what a relief it is to be able to think clearly again (and not make continuous mistakes)…boo to hormones! 😉

    • Nicola Young

      Yes, I guess it is similar, but it lasts longer when you’ve had a baby. I can’t use that excuse anymore, though, as my youngest is five!!

      • Lydia Devadason

        No, but perhaps take comfort (if that is possible when you have a near miss) that it is hormonal – and monitor your cycle and try not to take part in any potentially dangerous activities during a time when you may be in a brain fog 😉

  2. Perfection Pending

    Oh my gosh. You are NOT alone. I saw on Oprah that women’s brains shrink by 8% when they are pregnant…multiply that by 3 or however many kids you have, and we are all bound to have crazy brain fogs. 🙂 It happens.

  3. zeudytigre

    I don’t have the monthly problems but the way my mood swings I reckon I am heading towards the menopause. With three teenagers also in the house it’s my husband I feel sorry for 😉

  4. Nicola Young

    In a few years I will be in the same position. My husband will probably move out!!


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