About me

Welcome to my website. My name is Nikki Young and I am a writer, copywriter and author.

A bit about me and my family

Family Young - Nikki Young
I am a mother to three young children, which means my life is never dull and I am never short of things to write about. That combined with vivid memories of a childhood spent mainly outdoors and with children my own age, makes for an active imagination that is always full of stories.

We live in Kent, in the south east of England and my office is in the garden, where I work alongside my little shadow and trusted companion:

Barnie the Boston - Nikk Young

This is Barnie, our Boston Terrier

I write everyday, whether it’s for businesses, my blogs or my fiction work. My first book came out in April 2017. It’s a mystery story for 8-12 year olds. My second book is a time-travelling mystery adventure and the first in a series of four. Find out more about it by checking out my book pages.

Books by Nikki Young Author

In July 2017, I founded, Storymakers, a creative writing club for children aged 7 and upwards. Going from strength to strength, Storymakers provides weekly classes and holiday workshops to help encourage kids to enjoy writing. I also work one-to-one, as well as providing bespoke private groups for both children and adults.

Please refer to my separate website for my copywriting business. I provide written material for businesses in all sectors. This includes web copy, articles, blog posts, press releases and other printed marketing materials.

I also write health-related articles, reviews and recipes on my blog, ‘A free-from life’. This blog is a finalist in the 2017 UK Allergy Blog Awards, recognising its provision of health information for food allergy and intolerance sufferers.

My background is in nutrition, so maintaining a healthy, happy family is extremely important to me. Having a son and a husband, both with different dietary needs has been a challenge and one which has tested my knowledge.

Please feel free to take a look around this site, comment and get involved. If you would like to get in touch, please contact me.

Oh and one more thing, please do not copy any of the material or images on this site without my permission. Thank you.