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Hi, I’m Nikki. Thanks for stopping by. I’m a freelance writer and editor, children’s fiction author and creative writing tutor. On this website, you will find all the information about my writing services, my books and my creative writing club, Storymakers.

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Misogyny is rife on social media

Misogyny is rife on social media

I think I’m being manipulated by social media into seeing things that it wants me to see so that it can elicit a reaction. The reason I think this is because the other day, I had, in the notifications section of my X account, a tweet from Joey Barton. I don’t even...

Is it time for a smartphone detox?

Is it time for a smartphone detox?

I recently did a smartphone detox. It was only for a week, but during that time, I only checked my phone once in the morning and once again in the evening. Doesn’t sound that difficult, does it? Well, what surprised me was just how difficult it was. It’s a habit, you...

Attainment Scores at Primary Level

Attainment Scores at Primary Level

Our Children are more than just a set of attainment scores. Other than SATS, state primary schools in England don’t have to assess children in the way they once did. In 2014, the government scrapped National Curriculum levels and schools now grade children as working...

What others are saying

“You’re an amazing author. My daughter has read all your books 3 times. Thank you for inspriring her!!”

“Nicola is responsive and intuitive while delivering projects in a timely manner.”

“Nikki was kind, patient and made the classes so fun, I can’t thank Nikki enough for putting the love of writing into my son, he also loved the class and can’t wait to come back!”

“Nicola encourages the children to think about things in different ways and to be more creative and descriptive in their writing style.”

“You have really inspired her to write and create stories. She was very taken with your book the Time School.”

“Nicola listened to and understood our wish to evolve our message along with our brand. Her copy was always succinct, accurate and grammatically correct and we were able to upload it to the new site without significant revision.”

“I commissioned Nicola to write my company’s website, as well some media and press releases. I’ve been very pleased with all the projects she has done for us, as she understood exactly what we needed with minimal supervision and involvement from us. I have found her whole approach very professional from the onset.”