Author Editing services

You’ve written the book, the words are down on paper.

Writing those two little words ‘the end’ felt amazing. So, now what?

Having an experienced editor pass a critical eye over your work is a crucial part of the process. Why? Because it isn’t enough that your friends and family think your work is great. You’re serious about publishing your book, right? So, it’s time to get serious about editing and make sure your manuscript is in the best possible state before you start submitting to agents and publishers.

That’s where I come in. I’ve been helping people craft carefully chosen words for over ten years. I’m also an author, so I know what it’s like to be on both sides of the process.

I want to bring my experience writing for middle-grade and young adults to help you craft your words and polish your story.

Do you need someone who is particularly experienced in MG and YA to edit your children’s book?

No, not necessarily, but as well as writing for this age group, I also provide English and writing support to children aged 7-16 years, so I have plenty of experience working among the age group that you are particularly looking to target.

How can I help you?
– I can work with you chapter-by-chapter as a mentor, guiding you through the process.
– I can assess your manuscript in its entirety, providing constructive feedback.
– I can edit your work: there are various levels of editing, from checking line-by-line for spelling and grammar mistakes to full developmental editing that looks at structure, plot, sense and characterisation etc.

Depending on the number of words, you can choose from a one-off payment or a monthly package:
£30 for up to 1500 words
£60 for up to 3000 words
£100 for up to 5000 words
£200 for up to 10,000 words

Please take a look at my books to get a clearer idea of what I do. The Time School series is an Amazon Bestseller.

For more information about my work as a writing tutor for children, see the Storymakers website.

Contact me at to arrange.