Time School: We Will Honour Them


What was it like to be a Polish refugee in the years after the second world war? Nadia and her friends are about to find out as they take the magical train back in time to 1947: one of the harshest UK winters on record when food was scarce and the country was in pieces after the war. People were exhausted and frustrated. Others, like Marcel, were struggling to fit in, in a country that had welcomed him in during the war but who now doesn’t seem to want him.

When Nadia Kaminski’s grandfather dies, she realises she knew very little about him and his Polish roots. To her shame, she has never considered herself Polish at all, and when her grandmother asks her to read a eulogy at her grandfather’s funeral, Nadia is torn between wanting to do right by her grandparents and feeling terrified at the thought of standing up in front of an audience and making a fool of herself.

Luckily for Nadia and friends Jess, Ash and Tomma, they have a connection to the past like no other.

It’s time to take the magical train back in time once again, this time, on a trip to discover Nadia’s past.

This is the group’s second experience of Hickley School in the past, and a chance to understand the struggles of those who found themselves stranded in a country that wasn’t their own. How is Polish refugee, Marcel, connected to Nadia?

Time School: We Will Honour Them is the second book in the Time School series which follows Jess, Nadia, Ash and Tomma as they navigate their way through the first year of secondary school (7th Grade) whilst experiencing what life was like during pivotal moments in history and learning about their ancestry.

Ideal for those who love historical fiction, time-travel adventures and books about friendship, the series is upper middle grade, aimed at children aged 9-12 years. Although a series, each book is standalone.

“Time School: We Will Honour Them, is an amazing children’s book that not only has a fabulous time travelling plot but is educational too. The four friends are wonderful company to share your time with and the situations in the book are very realistic.”

“With themes of war, racism, grief, friendships, crushes and overcoming your fears, there is more than enough to keep any middle-grade reader hooked!”

“Nikki Young has written a book packed full of historical references for kids to help them be aware of how the Polish families were treated at the end of World War II. Stories like these are so important to helping preserve our history and helping children to learn more through reading fiction as well as non-fiction.”

“This is a fantastic book full of story, magic and historical information.”


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