Time School: We Will Comfort Them


Travelling back in time by magical steam train isn’t what you’d expect to be used to in your first year at Secondary school.

Yet for Tomma, Jess, Nadia and Ash that’s exactly what has happened. Three times. Each journey to a different period in time; each trip an opportunity for one of the children to learn something about their family history and themselves.
Now it’s Tomma’s turn.

Tomma Handley knows his mum came to England from Croatia when she was a girl, but that’s it. Everything else about her past is a mystery, a closely guarded secret she has never been willing to share.

Will a trip back in time to 1990s Hickley School reveal why she came to this country, and what happened to her that meant she was never able to talk about it?

Time to board the train for the final time with the four friends.

Time School: We Will Comfort Them is the fourth book in the Time School series which follows Jess, Nadia, Ash and Tomma as they navigate their way through the first year of secondary school (7th Grade) whilst experiencing what life was like during pivotal moments in history and learning about their ancestry.

Ideal for those who love historical fiction, time-travel and books about friendship, the series is upper middle grade, aimed at children aged 9-13 years.

For more on the series, see this Time School Guide.


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