A Song of Hope

by | Mar 8, 2021

I went into last year with hope in my heart,
Thinking it would be a new start,
But it didn’t work out that way,
And we all know why, so let’s just say,
No one was expecting that.

So, the year took on a different turn,
And all of us had much to learn,
Including how to work online,
And though we managed that just fine,
It wasn’t quite the same.

An author is happiest when at home
And they don’t mind being alone,
But they know they have to get out and about,
Meet people, give their books some clout,
Even though it’s not easy.

I thought 2020 would be my year,
The one where I conquered my fear.
Instead, I hid behind my screen,
And once again was barely seen.
It wasn’t supposed to be like that.

The family were my priority,
Keeping them close to me,
Making sure they were mentally well,
Whilst staying on top of schoolwork as well.
Homeschooling was tough.

The summer was a welcome break,
The calmer seas, the storm in its wake.
We ate out to help out and tried to stay safe,
But the world felt like a different place.
A new storm on the horizon.

September can feel like another beginning,
Schools opened again and we felt we were winning,
But to echo that underlining fear,
Our county was put in a higher tier.
Life put on pause once again.

The stop and the start of this 2020 song,
Made it impossible to sing along
And I no longer wanted to hear it,
But like everyone else, I had to grin and bear it,
Hoping it would end soon.

The start of this year was the worst part so far,
The virus was knocking on everyone’s door.
Lockdown and homeschool, a huge mental strain,
And no one wanted to go through this again.
We don’t want to do this anymore.

On top of all this, I’m starting anew,
And I have so much I want to do.
One step forward, 30 steps back,
It takes time to get on track,
When you find yourself de-railed.

I’m bruised and I’m broken but standing up tall,
And I know that soon I’ll come through it all.
There’s one thing for certain, we’ll keep looking forwards,
Steadfast, determined and moving towards,
Our goals and our dreams.

We’ll get there together.


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