Flawed, by Cecilia Ahern – book review

by | Oct 7, 2020

What would happen if you lived in a society with pre-determined rules about how you should behave, speak and think? If you break any of those rules, you’re branded as a flawed for everyone to see and the type of branding shows the extent to which you are flawed. What would happen though, if the people who made these rules were flawed themselves?

Flawed by Cecilia Ahern - book review - Nikki Young

This book examines what it means to be ‘perfect’; to live in a society that has conditioned its people to think and behave in the same way. Celestine believes she is perfect and has the ideal life. Until, that is, the day she breaks a rule and becomes one of the most branded flawed of all time. Everything Celestine knows and understands becomes turned on its head, sending her on an eye-opening journey of discovery into the world in which she lives.

I loved this book because of all it represents. The idea of a society that claims moral righteousness and perfection has always fascinated me. From Brave New World and 1984, to the more modern dystopian novels, there are a wealth of books out there that examine this idea.

Flawed looks at one aspect – perfection – and what that means. Where do you draw the line and who really has the right to make those judgements?

There is a follow-up to this book called Perfection and I can’t wait to continue Celestine’s story. The book definitely left on a cliff-hanger and there is so much for Celestine yet to do.

Flawed is a YA book, but as with most young adult stories, equally appealing to older age groups. I read a lot of YA as I find it fast-paced and edgy. I wish there had been more books for this age range when I was younger. Perhaps I’m making up for all that I missed out on by reading them now!


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