Rituals and the importance of routine

by | May 22, 2019

My thoughts for today are on the importance of rituals and routine.

Daily rituals and routines - Nikki Young

We’re creatures of habit are we not? When the children were small, they needed a routine in place for them. It was so much easier on us all if we knew what to expect out of our day. As an adult, I find my days go much smoother if I have a routine in place. If I don’t set out what I’m doing, I’m all over the place and don’t get anything done.

Every Tuesday, my dog goes out with a doggy daycare company. They pick him up in the van at around 9.30 a.m. and around this time, you will find him pacing up and down, restlessly, going to the front door to check if they’re coming. He knows exactly what day it is and what is happening, such is his internal rhythm.

It’s the same with his feeding time. If I forget that it’s five o’clock and time for his dinner, he will remind me. In fact, I don’t get the chance to forget because he wouldn’t let me.

I remember my children being similar to that when it came to feeding time.

By 5 p.m. chaos had descended on our household and I used to call it the witching hour. It made the need for a tea, bath and bed routine vital, followed by collapsing on the sofa and trying to stay awake for at least a few hours of relaxation time in front of the tv.

Now, my parental routine is defined, mostly, by just my youngest child, who is still at primary school.

We have to get up very early, to leave the house by 7.30 a.m., so breakfast is taken in a daze, followed by a rush to get ready and out of the door.

By the time I get back, I already feel drained of energy and this, for me, is when the start of my working day begins. If I don’t have a coffee at this point, I’m doomed.

A morning coffee, for me, symbolises more than just a caffeine kick. It is like pressing the start button, the thing that says ‘you’re good to go now.’ The simple act of preparing a cafetière of my favourite Italian blend, then breathing in the comforting aroma, is a warming of the senses in itself.

This is my ritual. It’s my way of opening up the channels of my creativity and enveloping myself in a hug and giving myself permission to go ahead with my day.

What’s your ritual?


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