An introduction to the Time School series

by | May 13, 2018

‘Time School: We Will Remember Them’ is book one of a series of four and is available to pre-order now.


“A power cut and a series of mini disasters means friends, Jess, Nadia, Tomma and Ash barely make it to the station to catch their train to school. What they find is a far cry from the usual packed commuter train they’re expecting…

When they arrive at Hickley School, the children are surprised to find some of the buildings missing and they don’t recognise any of the other pupils, who are all dressed in a different style of uniform. The only person who takes the time to help them is Martha, despite being preoccupied by her own worries about her family being hungry and not hearing from brother, Henry whom she says is away fighting.

The children soon realise this is no normal day and it’s not until they return home that they’re able to figure out what happened. What they don’t know is whether it was a one-off day, or if they will get to see Martha and the other pupils again. Jess hopes so. She has something she needs to tell Martha. Not knowing how or why, she feels a connection and an obligation to this girl she can’t explain”.


Friends, Jess, Nadia, Ash and Tomma, are about to learn more in their first year at Hickley School than they ever could have imagined. Over the course of the year, their connection to Hickley and its school (which goes back generations) will be revealed to each of them in a unique way.

First up, it’s Jess, a quiet girl with a gentle soul. Jess is the anxious type, a worrier and one of those people who likes routine and doesn’t like to try new things. She relies on her three best friends for comfort and stability, particularly Nadia and Tomma with whom she is closest.

For Jess, being taken away from her normal life and thrust into something completely alien is challenging to say the least. During the course of her story, she has to learn to deal with those challenges and to overcome her fears in order to be brave of her own accord.

Without revealing too many spoilers, Jess’s family history goes back the longest of the four friends, right the way back when Hickley School was first opened and the town was dealing, in its own way, with a war that shook the world. This story examines what it was like for the people left behind, who were forced to get on with normal life because they could do nothing else.

Nowhere escapes the fall out of a war and for Hickley and its people, it was no different.

The Time School series is suitable for children aged nine or above. I hesitate to put an upper age limit on it because children’s stories, in my opinion, are for everyone to enjoy!

You can buy the books from my online shop, or from any online book retailer. Let me know what you think (we authors really appreciate reviews).


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