5 Mother’s Day gifts for bookish mums

by | Mar 3, 2018

As it’s Mother’s Day soon (11th March in the UK), I’ve compiled a list of gifts that would be perfect for mums who love reading and writing. I’m not hinting at all, promise!

Coffee and book club subscription

I’ve seen a number of these. You can choose from book plus coffee, or book plus specially selected teas, but either way, receiving a literary package in the post every month is a win, win, if you ask me.

Mother's Day gifts for bookish mums

This one from Not on the High Street, includes a vintage classic. I’ve seen others, such as this one from Book & Brew, containing hardbacks from lesser known authors, which is a great way to try out books you might not normally choose.

Literary door signs

These cute little wooden doorsigns are ideal for busy mums requiring a little quiet time to read or write. Hey, the teenager might have one on their bedroom door, so why not us mums?

Mother's Day gifts for bookish mums

There are lots to choose from, including ‘Go away, I’m writing’, ‘Writer in residence’ or ‘Quiet please, I’m reading’. If you’ve chosen a book subscription service as your Mother’s Day gift, you might want to also consider one of these signs, so mum can make the most use of her new gift!

The Writer’s Toolbox

Ideal to kick start those ideas and get your writing juices flowing, these fun boxes, come with a number of prompts and exercises designed to inspire.

Mother's Day gifts for bookish mums - Nikki Young

The Writers Box, from Little Bookish Gifts, even includes a writer’s fuel pack filled with tea, coffee and biscuits.

Pride and Prejudice scarf

Even if you aren’t a Jane Austen fan, this beautiful scarf, with peacock print design, is a stylish addition to any wardrobe.

Mother's Day gifts for bookish mums

Procrastination Pencils

I have the Storyteller version of these pencils and I love them, but I particularly relate to these procrastination ones and I think if I had a set, not only would they make me smile, they would act as a little prompt to remind me to stop procrastrinating and get on with some writing!

Mother's Day gifts for bookish mums - Nikki Young

There are so many bookish and writerly gifts to choose from, these are just a selection of ones that stood out for me. If you’re stuck for Mother’s Day gift ideas and have a mum who’s into reading and writing, I don’t think you can go wrong if you choose one of these.


Nikki Young is a writer, author and mum of three. In no way has she written this post in order to set out her Mother’s Day wish list – she would simply like to pass on her ideas of gifts for other mother’s out there who are like her and whom she thinks might appreciate something like this from their loving children in thanks for all the amazing things she does for them.


  1. Renee @ Mummytries

    Great ideas here lovely! A dear friend of mine bought me those pencils for Xmas, so thoughtful x

  2. Dev

    I guess The Writers Box will be very useful for mothers or those who really enjoy writing and reading.

    Thank You for Sharing.

  3. Abhishek Sapkota

    So informative and convincing. I love the way you express your ideas. Great work.


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