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by | Jul 7, 2017

It’s been another glorious week of sunshine and down in our little corner of the UK, we even escaped the thunder storms predicted for yesterday. How has your week been? Mine started with a run (literally), which is rare because I never usually pick up a speed much quicker than walking. It descended into a throat infection, worsened, I think, by the hot humid weather, making sleeping even more difficult. As the weekend draws near, I’m getting ready to welcome the Storymakers to my children’s writing club, where we will be looking at how to find story ideas from the everyday. We’ve also got a barbeque to look forward to. Here’s a summary of my week Little Loves style.

Nikki Young


I read a little every night just before I go to sleep. It’s not often much because my eyes are literally closing and I’m dropping off as I read, but even so, I like to read as much and as widely as possible.

I’m currently reading My Name is Leon, by Kit de Waal. It’s about a young boy, Leon, who is taken from his home, along with his baby brother, when his mother suffers a mental breakdown. Leon is put into Foster care and the book follows his life as he attempts to make sense of the world, deciding which adults he should trust along the way.


We’re particularly enjoying the latest series of Ripper Street, though it was a bit gruesome the other night wasn’t it? I’m waiting to find out how Inspector Reid, Captain Jackson and Miss Susan will get out of their predicament once and for all in this last series. I’ll miss it though, it’s been good TV viewing.


This video trailer for my book is the work of my own hands. To say I’m pleased with the outcome is an understatement!

My son made one too, using the I-movie app (he’s eight).


We love this hot weather don’t we? Well, we do like to moan, but one thing we’re not good at is getting used to going from cool and autumnal, to tropical in the space of a week. I like to wear light and floaty in this heat, so I’ve been living in my navy-striped jersey maxi dress.

And lastly…

It’s a known fact in the driving world that if you give way to someone, there is a very high chance they will do the same to someone else. In other words, if you’re nice to someone, it rubs off and they’ll be nice to someone else. I’ve been testing that theory recently. Given the horrors we’ve been through, we could all do with being a bit nicer to each other. Generally, I put my head down and get on with my day, not meaning to be rude, but just focused on what I’m doing. Instead, I’ve been making an effort to smile at people as I pass them in the street, maybe even say hello.

Well, either they’ll think I’m a crazy lady or worry I’m trying to come on to them, or perhaps, just maybe, they will take the kindness as the gesture is it intended and pass it on to someone else.

Share the love people.

That’s my bit of Friday wisdom for you. Have a great weekend whatever you’re doing.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


    • Nicola Young

      Thanks. The iMovies app is brilliant for harnessing the kid’s creativity

  1. Jenny Taylor

    Your book trailer (which I never even knew they did those) WAS AMAZING. I wonder now if it would work for my chic lit fiction book just as fun. lol Probably not. You did such a great editing job on it babes. Hope you are having a great weekend. Sounds like you have been creative and busy! #littleloves

    • Nicola Young

      I’m sure you could. It was actually surprisingly easy. Glad you liked it

  2. Maddy@writingbubble

    Love the trailers! Ike’s is brilliant! I must get that app for my boys – they’re always wanting/trying to make films.

    • Nicola Young

      They were using it at school as part of their IT, which I thought was brilliant. I did mine using Animoto.

  3. Angela Webster

    Great videos Nikki, you son is very talented, if he’s creating that at 8 what will he be creating at 18!
    I also like to think if I show someone kindness they will pass it on to someone else. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. #LittleLoves

    • Nicola Young

      It’s a world of possibilities for our children when it comes to digital creativity

  4. Morgana

    The promo videos are fantastic! My eldest has loads of fun making videos like the one your son has done.
    Your book sounds like one my 9 year old would absolutely love to read. x

    • Nicola Young

      Thank you! I think for the younger ones, activities like that are one of the most creative uses of the iPad. My ten year old also has an animation app and together, the two of them have made some fantastically imaginative sequences. Your 9 yr old is the perfect age for this book (just saying!!)


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