Summer reading ideas for kids

by | Jun 27, 2017

I have a number of four and five star reviews for my children’s fiction book.

This is what some of my readers have to say:

“I am 10 and I usually love adventure stories. The front cover of this book appealed to me …. as did the idea of a mystery! I have laughed at what the children get up to in this book – not sure I would be as naughty! This book reminded me of Horrid Henry a little.”

“My 10 year old daughter and I raced through this in a couple of days. As my daughter’s visually dyslexic she finds reading challenging, but she still loves a good story, and she loved me reading this to her. It was so exciting, and also it had fairly short chapters, which were perfect for her attention span.”

“The story engaged me right from the start, and I wanted to keep reading to find out what would happen next. I liked the realism of the setting and the idea that children can make their own adventures.”

“This book had my two reluctant readers (girls), aged 7, glued to the pages and laughing out loud at the antics of the children in this book, in a race to see who could finish first.”

Perfect for reluctant readers, the short chapters and change of viewpoint will keep them engaged, along with illustrations throughout that break up the text.

Available in paperback or ebook, The Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants is the ideal summer reading book for both boys and girls aged 8-10 years.


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