Lessons society could learn from a children’s animation film

by | Feb 2, 2017

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We watched a film called Zootropolis last weekend.

lessons society could learn from a children's animation film


The animals live together in a civilised society until one day, some of them begin to turn savage.

The protagonist (a bunny cop!) makes the connection that these savage animals are all former predators and it is possible that due to their DNA, this type of savage, hunter-behaviour is in their nature. She warns the people of the city to beware of predators.

This puts fear into the citizens. They begin to view predators who were once their neighbours, friends and colleagues, with suspicion. These innocent predators find themselves the target of hate and rejection from their society. All this because of a connection made by one individual.

Sound familiar?

In the story, the protagonist realised the mistake she made in accidentally labelling all predators as a potential threat just because of what they are. She sets about trying to find the reason why these predators turned savage, so the people of the city can live in harmony with each other once more.

Shame the situation in the real world couldn’t be solved this way.

It’s dangerous to put a label on a group of individuals just because they have something in common with each other. A few rogue individuals who rebel against society and western culture and civilisation, don’t necessarily represent the views of others of the same colour or creed and they should not be unduly discriminated against just because of the actions of a minority group.

If a children’s animation film can show how wrong this type of behaviour is, I wonder, why can’t grown adults see it? Watching Zootropolis, the children saw what rejection by society can do to an individual and they immediately empathised.

President Trump obviously hasn’t seen this film.


  1. suz

    Trump definitely needs to watch this film. Exploring issues such as these are the reason for works of fiction – then we don’t need to act them out in real life.

    • Nicola

      He does indeed.

  2. Renee @ mummytries

    It’s such a great movie, definitely one of the better ones we’ve seen over the years. I particularly enjoyed the lack of princes and princesses! Lots of life lessons to be taken from it…

    • Nicola

      Yes I agree and I know most children’s films have a message but this one seemed particularly relevant

  3. Maddy@writingbubble

    I haven’t seen this one but it sounds particularly good for the current political climate. I’ll seek it out – thanks. xx

    • Nicola

      Good all round family movie


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