British Summer – what summer?

by | Jun 30, 2016

British summer time - what summer?

I know everyone has a lot on their minds at the moment, what with the political and social meltdown that is consuming our everyday lives (and our Facebook feed). However, I have a problem I’d like your help with and I admit that it’s in no way up there on the scale of importance as everything else that’s going on. My question is:

‘What do I wear?’

I ask myself this question every morning as I peer out of the curtains wondering what to expect from this June, English summer.

It’s not so bright, so I put on t-shirt, jeans and a jacket, then I come home from the school run, boiling and change into something lighter. Then whilst I’m at work at my desk, the sun disappears behind some angry looking clouds and before I know it, it’s started raining. Hang on a minute, is that hail?

By the time I go back to school, I’ve changed three times at least and I’ve no idea whether I’ll get soaked on the school run, or will wilt in the extra layers I’ve had to put back on during the course of the day.

It’s crazy.

Sports days have been cancelled due to slippery, unsafe, boggy pitches. I’m choosing my dog walks carefully in order to avoid the swampy, muddy fields and all I hear when people refer to the coming weeks is ‘in the summer, we’re going to do this,’ or ‘in the summer, we’re going to do that,’ WELL IT IS THE SUMMER.

We’re nearly into July and we’re still living in hope that summer will arrive, but we’ve had the longest day and it’s even starting to get a little darker in the evenings.

We all know, though no one  dares to say it, that as soon as the children break up from school, the weather turns and we have a wet and miserable August. The thing is, it can’t get much more wet and miserable than it already is, so secretly, I think we’re all hoping that ‘summer’ will bring a heat wave and during the school holidays, we’ll all be basking in tropical temperatures.

Let’s hope so.

In the meantime, whilst I go through the entire contents of my wardrobe on a daily basis, we’re in a limbo land of spring/autumn/biblical weather conditions (you should have seen the storms last weekend – it was like Armageddon). It’s true that we Brits like to put the kettle on, have a nice cup of tea and talk about the weather. It’s also true that recent events have meant that our conversations have steered to more serious matters, so here I am bringing it back around and trying to regain some form of normality.

It’s a serious issue though, honest. I haven’t worn any of my summer dresses this year and I’ve spent more time in wellies than sandals. We need some sunny weather to cheer us all up. There’s nothing like the feeling of the warmth from the sun on your face, giving you renewed energy as it seeps into your bones. We all need our batteries re-charged before we completely run out of steam.

I’m keeping everything crossed that ‘summer’ arrives soon.


  1. Reneé Davis Author

    I certainly hope it comes soon, I’m so utterly sick of this weather!! Fingers and toes crossed xxx

    • Nicola Young

      We’re starting to see a bit more of that yellow thing in the sky. Let’s hope it continues

  2. mytravelmonkey

    I bloody hope so too! We had a bbq today and it went from glorious sunshine to a light shower to thunderstorms to sunshine again! Nuts!

    • Nicola Young

      We were out in that – no coat, wearing sandals – it was bizarre!


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