It’s the Final Countdown

by | Jul 23, 2015

My week, summed up in #littleloves style, shows how varied your week can be. We’ve been one child down, with the eldest being at my mum’s house as she already finished school. The other two have been slogging on, becoming slightly more irritable with each other as the days have gone by. Could it be the missing child changing the dynamic I wonder.

My two younger children are now eight and six years and I find it’s become much easier to read a bedtime story to both of them at the same time. At one point, I was reading separately to all three children and it got ridiculous, so thankfully, we are now at the point where one reads her own books and the other two have the same interests in stories.

We’ve been doing a Roald Dhal run and have just finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Prior to this, we read Matilda and next we are moving on to The BFG. I love reading these classics and I don’t think the children tire of being read to. Besides, it’s a lovely bit of quiet time with the three of us curled up on the bed together.

I haven’t watched much television recently, or any films either, but my kids have all seen the Minions film. Have you seen it yet? I have it on good authority that it’s worth a look.

Last week my middle daughter did an audition for a summer holiday production of Cinderella. It was an interesting experience whereby she built herself up to sing a solo and read for a part, only to crumble when she realised she would have to do this in front of everyone else who turned up. Fortunately, she wasn’t the only one to feel like this and the ladies taking the auditions, decided to see them individually. They were so understanding and after all, it is only for a summer holiday programme that’s supposed to be a bit of fun.

My daughter, bless her, takes herself so seriously though and was desperate for a speaking part. If she hadn’t have been bothered either way, we wouldn’t have had all this upset. Anyway, she got her wish and landed a narrator role. Dreams can come true…

I spent a day in Greenwich with my big girl last Friday, before shipping her off ‘up north’ with her auntie. It was so hot when we were walking around the markets, that I felt the need to buy a hat. Although I’m not one for hats normally, it did make a difference, given I am so pale and didn’t put any suncream on (eeek!). Anyway, we couldn’t resist a mother-daughter selfie whilst having a well earned rest in Regent’s Park.

Nikki Young Writes

This song by The Script came on the radio the other day. I haven’t heard it for ages and as I was listening to the words, it reminded me of a character in a story I wrote for NaNoWriMo last November. Dillon is a mess because his girlfriend disappeared and no one knows where to. He’s even accused of killing her and is forced to leave his home town. The story is about the mess he makes of his life as he tries to move on.

Over on A Free From Life, I’ve been busy creating gluten and dairy free, low sugar treats. This week I made almond and coconut squares, using up some overripe bananas. I also blogged about how to convert your recipes to gluten free and posted a nightshade free roasted veg dinner.

Coconut Almond Squares - A Free From Life

And lastly…
Finally, Finally, we reached the end of term. I didn’t think we would get there and it seemed as though we were the only county still going. What was the point in making the children (us) stick it out for another week, I don’t know, but although they were tired, I think they had fun doing nothing but games and play! Time to join the big girl, who I’ve missed like crazy. Let the holidays begin…



  1. Alice W

    Roald Dahl books are so brilliant, it’s good that they can both enjoy them 🙂 ooh those coconut squares look delicious, I must try those. Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

    • Nicola Young

      It is handy because bedtime routine is never ending otherwise!

  2. mumreinvented

    Love Roald Dahl. I was having a sort out for our move this week and found all of my old 80s versions of his books. My daughter read them and my 3 year old will get them when he’s older too. Timeless books.

    I love Greenwich. My family all lived in Greenwich for years and I visited it regularly since I was tiny. Haven’t been for about 5 years now and it seems to have changed so much. Would love to go back and take my little one to the park and have a wander round the market.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Nicola Young

      I did the same. We read Heidi, My Naughty Little Sister and lots of Enid Blyton and July Blume.

  3. Sarah Anne

    I can’t wait until my youngest is old enough for Roald Dahl. I grew up with my dad reading the books to me, and I’ve loved sharing them with my oldest and can’t wait to revisit them again! They never age, and they always connect with children.


    • Nicola Young

      It’s true. I have a book shelf full of my old books and I’ve read them with my children, who all loved them just as much as I did.

  4. butwhymummywhy

    Love Roald Dahl, how funny that we both gave him a mention!
    Hope you’re enjoying the school hols xx

    • Nicola Young

      I know. Popular choice. We’re on the BFG now.


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