End of Year Madness, Moving on and Becoming a Showbiz Mum

by | Jul 12, 2015

Here is my weekly round up for #LittleLoves. I like writing this post because it makes me appreciate that although it’s a very busy time of year, the things you manage to do over the course of the week are all worth the effort you put in. It’s only when you are reflecting back on them that you realise this.

I finished reading Tell No One, by Harlan Coban this week. You can read the review here. Now I’m looking forward to starting one of these lovely lot:

Reading list - Nikki Young Writes

They’re proof copies I was lucky enough to be given, but they are all available in Kindle format now, at the very least.

My eight year old daughter did her first performance with a local junior drama group. She is a quiet girl, but rather than calling her shy, I would say she has an inner confidence. It’s something I love about her as she isn’t afraid to spend time on her own. Drama didn’t seem like an obvious choice of activities for her, but she told me it’s something she really wants to do. In this performance of junior Aladdin, she played a villager, so had no speaking part (much to her disgust!), but regardless of that, she worked really hard and put everything in to the performance, as is her way. It was lovely to watch her.

My eldest daughter finished junior school this week and on her very last day they went to school wearing their new uniforms and did a catwalk in front of the rest of the school. Of course, regardless of the extra pressure that caused by having to get the uniform in time (you need extra things added to your list of ‘to do’s’ at this time of year don’t you?), it was a proud moment for my daughter. Oh boy, did she look grown up. It’s such a weird feeling to see your first born graduate from ‘little’ school. It really is a shocker.


Aladdin songs – all week. In the run up to this performance, it’s all we’ve heard. The organisers kindly gave the children a CD of all the songs so that they could learn the words. Even my younger son knows them all and he wasn’t even in the performance! Let’s just say, it was lovely, but I’m pleased to be moving on from that now. It’s Cinderella next!

Scarlett Aladdin 2015

This week’s offering on A Free From Life is chocolate teff shortbread. It’s my first attempt at making something sweet with teff flour and I wanted to give it a go because it’s such an unusual, richly fragrant flour. I was pleased with the results.


And lastly…
I’m on a countdown to the end of term now. One has finished, the other two have another couple of weeks yet. They’re fed up, I’m fed up. With end of term activities, the diary is full to bursting and quite frankly, I’ve had enough. Does anyone else feel like this?



  1. Alice W

    There’s always so much on in the last few weeks…I work in a school and it feels too exhausting! Cookies look delicious 🙂 hope you’ve had a lovely weekend xx

    • Nicola Young

      I know. Everyone is on their knees!


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