A Few Wardrobe Nightmares and Cooking up a Frenzie

by | Jun 28, 2015

Another week goes by in a blur of school runs and pick ups, work, sports days and general running around. It’s called LIFE and I wish I could say that it was more exciting and I didn’t live it mostly through my kids, but sadly that’s not true and hey, we wouldn’t change it for the world would we? I cherish the little things though and as such, have put together a few of the moments of ‘me’ time that I’ve managed to grab this week.

Lisa’s diary, by Emily Organ. This is a novella, written as a prequel to her latest novel, The Outsider, telling the story of the events leading up to Lisa’s death, through her own diary entries. I can’t say too much without ruining the plot, but it gives an insight in to Lisa’s character that you obviously don’t see in the novel itself.

I saw the second episode of Humans this week and now I’m gripped. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would recommend you look it up. Sci-fi isn’t something I would normally go for, but this has a real element to it that attracts me. It’s the ‘what if?’ of the scenario. What if cloning humans were actually possible and we lived in a world where human-looking robots lived and worked amongst us? What if something went wrong and they started thinking and feeling for themselves…

The entire contents of my wardrobe and numerous outfits every day. I don’t know about you but I wish summer would just decide if it’s here or not because one minute it’s raining and cold, the next it’s boiling hot and a girl doesn’t know what the heck to put on when she wakes up in the morning. It’s a nightmare!

Some gluten and dairy free picnicky, lunchbox-type food and cracked the gluten and dairy free scone recipe I’ve been working on. It’s so satisfying to go from the heavy brick-like first attempt to something so soft and light and airy, it makes you want to dance around the room (or not). You can find the recipes on my Free From blog – A Free From Life.

I blogged a fair bit this week. Don’t know why, but inspiration called and I felt the need to go with it. I wrote about my children achieving despite their shyness in A Few Victories for the Shy Ones. I asked if anyone else was having a mad summer term in Summer Term Madness (very aptly named) and I challenged myself to a bit of descriptive fiction for my regular Friday Fiction post.

Nikki Young Writes - #LittleLoves

I’m joining in with #LittleLoves for a quick round up of the week.



  1. butwhymummywhy

    Humans is so good isn’t it? Freaks me out a bit though!
    Hope you’ve had a good week this week xx

    • Nicola Young

      Yes it is good. Didn’t think it would be my sort of programme, but enjoying it so far.


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