A Poem for Father’s Day

by | Jun 19, 2015

I love the way my middle daughter’s mind works. She is creative, just like her older sister, but she has an understanding and level of empathy that goes beyond her eight years. This means that she always takes great care to come up with deep and meaningful words to express her feelings when she makes cards for birthdays and special occasions.

My previous poems for Mother’s Day made me laugh and cry in equal measures. The way her mind works in summing up what she thinks makes a good mum is so interesting and it goes to show that it truly is the little things that are important to your children.

So today I present to you the poem she wrote for her dad for Father’s Day this Sunday. I’m sure he will love it and will get an insight in to his importance within our family according to his daughter.

Daddy You:

Are great at golf
Work the hardest
Let us go to the stadium
Wash our hair perfectly
Hardly watch TV
Give us money
Are always smart
Are rich because you work hard
Chose the best wife
Are great at choices
Give the best cuddles

Will always be my special daddy.

By the way, I did not influence this poem in the slightest. Let it be known that my children approve of their dad’s choice of wife all of their own accord!


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