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by | Jun 12, 2015

Welcome to Friday Fiction. Just for fun this week, I have a story that my eldest daughter wrote when she was eight. The prompt from Sara at mumturnedmom is ‘Stars’ and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to join in with it, until I remembered that I had this story filed away on my computer and it would fit perfectly. They say a prompt is open to interpretation…

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The Snail who wanted to be famous

“One day I’ll fly away…”
“Sydney, sing that somewhere else,” said his dad.
“But dad! I can’t help it.”
“Don’t talk to your dad like that. Snails are not meant to sing, they are supposed to collect cabbage from the vegetable patch!” said his mum, walking away.
“What’s wrong?” asked Sydney’s best bud, Bertie.
“Nothing really, apart from that I’m not allowed to sing anymore.”
“Poor you. I know how much you want to be a celebrity. Well there is Minibeast Music coming up so you could get your mum and dad to…”
“Oh yes! Why didn’t I think of that before! I can audition for it! I can send my application by snail mail! And if I win we might not be poor and will be known as one of the richest insect villages!”
“Wow that is a pretty good idea. Can I come?”
“Well ok then. It starts tomorrow night so we should start making the boat now.”
So that night they went down the bottom of the garden, (which was the river Thames) and set out to London on their corks-with-a-lettuce-sail boat!
“Bertie do you actually know where the show is?”
“It takes place in the Queen’s garden!”
But the next morning, Sydney’s parents woke up to a big surprise! All there was on Sydney’s bed was a note saying…
To family,
Gone to London’s Minibeast Music show to become a star.       From Sydney xxx

Every night all the insects from the village went down to the shed to watch Sydney on the old tv, compete against a bee playing the trumpet, a butterfly playing the flute, a beetle playing the drums and a grass hopper playing the violin. The first night Sydney sang ‘Never Forget’ by Take That and the bee got voted out. On the second night, he played ‘The Story of my Life’ by One Direction and the Beatle was voted out and on the third night he played ‘Let her Go’ by Passenger and the butterfly went out. On the final night, the grasshopper played the violin amazingly and Sydney was nervous.
“You can do it,” said Bertie.
“And now, the one and only Sydney snail singing ‘Let me Go’ by Gary Barlow,” said the judge and the crowd went wild.
Sydney sang like he had never before and he sounded better than the grasshopper. When he finished the crowd clapped and cheered then all went silent as the judge announced who was the winner.
“The winner is.. (Drumrole) Sydney!”
“HOORAY! Sydney won!” cried everyone.
“With a cash prize of one billion granites and a ride home in a stretched beetle!”
“Well done Sydney!”
“Thanks I couldn’t have done it without you!”
“And the best thing is our village won’t be poor anymore.”
When they got home, every one was there to greet them.
“Sydney we are so sorry that we never let you sing. You are good!” Sydney’s mum and dad apologised.
“That’s ok” said Sydney and he became a celebrity!

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  1. Mummy Tries

    Brilliant Nikki, just fab! Lovely little tale and well done Sydney for realising his dream 🙂

    • Nicola Young

      Thanks. Funny little tale isn’t it?!

  2. mummyshambles

    Well that’s me set up for the rest of the day. What a great little story! Seems like the writing talent is genetic! 🙂 X

    • Nicola Young

      Ha thanks! I will tell her you said that.

  3. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    This is just brilliant, it’s really brought a smile, I loved it! Your daughter has your talent for dialogue. Go Sydney! Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

    • Nicola Young

      Thanks. She’ll be surprised by this feedback, as she doesn’t think it’s very good. I think it’s lovely though.


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