My Favourite Thing About Mother’s Day

by | Mar 15, 2015

What makes Mother’s Day so special? For me it is the handmade cards the children make. It’s thanks, in part to their school, who always make sure they mark the occasion. My middle daughter likes to make her own additional card or gift, usually including a poem. The thought that goes into these simple gifts never fails to make me laugh, smile and cry. I love how I am perceived in my children’s eyes, especially the youngest. It must make the teachers at school howl with laughter. This year, his card included a double sided insert titled ‘Let me tell you about my mum’ and it reads like this:

She has: blondy black hair
She likes to: make me laugh
Her favourite food is: sausages
The best thing she cooks is: chicken nuggets
Her favourite thing to do to relax is: have a bath
We like to: have a cuddle together
She is really good at: playing Frustration
My mum laughs when: I do something funny
She was really proud of me when I: did the dishwasher
As you can see she is really special because: she is beautiful

My middle daughter’s poem is thoughtful and from the heart, as is her style when she writes:

Mum you:
Send me to sleep
You braid my hair
You make me smile
And you’re always there

You always give me what I want
You are a mummy beyond compare.

And from my eldest, a simple message: ‘I am so lucky to have a mum like you’

See what I mean when I say they make me laugh, smile and cry?!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely mums everywhere.



  1. Coombe Mill

    These are beautiful and must make you very happy. My triplets had poems like this in their cards which they made at school, nothing from my older boys as school didn’t prompt them! #MagicMoments

    • Nicola Young

      Yep good old school! I will have to do the prompting when they get to secondary!

  2. mummyfever

    Fantastic! My older children did drawings at school which went in the paper #MagicMoments

    • Nicola Young

      Ooh you must have been really proud at that.

  3. Stacey Guilliatt (@nobodysaidblog)

    Aww, really beautiful 🙂 I love the handmade/written cards and gifts as they make it that bit extra special 🙂 #magicmoments

    • Nicola Young

      Yes they do, don’t they. I like that the schools get them to do that. I will be sad when they move on from juniors!



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