I’m Dancing

by | Jun 6, 2014

The bar is crammed full of people, standing close together in their groups, chatting loudly and animatedly. I push my way through, trying to ignore the feeling of claustrophobia that is starting to descend upon me. Mixed with the smell of sweat and alcohol, my stomach is churning, made worse by the thumping beat of the bass coming from the far side of the room where the dance floor is. That’s where I’m heading and I focus on it as I push on.

When I reach the dance floor it’s still crowded, but there’s room to move and I can breathe again. I take a long swig of my drink, relishing it’s coolness and begin to relax as the alcohol flows through my veins. The song finishes and another one begins. A spark of recognition ignites within my brain and I race to finish my drink so that I can join the throng of people already bouncing around, their hands raised to the sky. They’re dancing.

The music seeps through me, rising up from the tip of my toes until it reaches my brain. I begin to move. Now I’m the only one in the room and nothing else matters except me and this song. I can’t see anyone and I don’t care who is watching me, this music is all I can feel. I’m dancing.

My heart beats in time to the rhythm, my body sways to the music. Energy flows through me like electricity. The surge of adrenaline makes me feel alive. I’m dancing.

Then the song finishes and I snap out of my trance. I look around me, breathing hard and realising for the first time that I’m hot and sweating. The people around me are strangers and the rooms feels alien. It’s like I’ve woken up from a dream that was so vivid, it takes a few moments to readjust to real life again.

I don’t know this next song, it means nothing to me. So I make my way back to the bar, pushing my way back through the throng of people once more. I turn back one last time to see a mass of bodies moving to the beat. I wonder if they feel the same way I did. They’re dancing.


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