My Writing Goals For 2014

by | Jan 4, 2014

When my youngest son started school in September last year, I had a big shock. It turns out that the school day isn’t actually very long at all. It certainly didn’t give me the time that I thought it would. As a result, I’m busy everyday and before I know it, three o’clock has come around and it is time to go back to school again.

Last year, in between writing web content, newsletters and articles, I made a big effort to finish my first novel. But it was all at the expense of my blog. At best I managed to write one blog post per week, but made no effort to promote it and towards the end of the year, I felt that a change was needed. It was do or die time.

My blog is as important to me as my work for other people. After all it is a showcase of my writing, but with a personal touch; a window into my own life, if you like. So, during the Christmas holidays, I took great pains to revamp it and I decided to join the zero to hero blogging challenge set by WordPress.

If these next 30 days don’t make me re-focus on my blog, then nothing will. A new year is a great time to start again and set yourself new challenges. Now that I have recovered from the shock of my very short working day, I can start 2014 with the aim of fitting in all my writing goals, from copywriting for clients, to blogging and working on novel number two. I am certainly looking forward to the challenge.


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