Whatever Happened To Customer Service?

by | Dec 15, 2013

We have just returned from a weekend at a theme park called Drayton Manor. It is home to a place called Thomas Land, dedicated entirely to the well loved children’s television series, Thomas and Friends.

It was my son’s choice, as a treat for his Birthday, but at the same time it was a halfway point as a pre Christmas meet up for all my family. It was even my sister’s birthday today too, so all events were covered!

My children had a great time, but my husband and I came away feeling ripped off and more than a little disappointed. This is because of the hotel that we stayed in at the theme park, which was expensive, yet hugely lacking in customer service. Apart from one or two of the staff, most of the people who worked there didn’t seem to care one way or another whether you were looked after or were enjoying your stay.

Some were rude, other’s didn’t seem to have a clue what was going on. I had the impression that most of them were students hired specifically for the festive period, thrown straight into the job without being given any training whatsoever.

But despite obvious lack of training, these members of staff seemed only concerned with doing the minimum amount of work in order to earn their money. There was no consideration given to the amount of money that we may have spent in order to stay there or that we might have cared whether or not we were looked after and made to feel welcome. Because to me that is what customer service is all about and it is what you should expect whenever you go somewhere and pay to stay there.

That was the disappointing thing for me. That these individuals do not realise the value of money, nor do they place any importance on the well being of the people around them. Is it an age thing? No, I don’t believe it is. Is it generational? Maybe. But if you are brought up to treat people as you would expect people to treat you, then you wouldn’t behave that way.

My conclusion? Perhaps it is the sample of society that this particular hotel has attracted. Minimum wage, little or no perks or benefits of the job etc etc. If the hotel doesn’t motivate or look after its staff, what chance have the rest of us? One thing is for sure, we will not be going back there again. For next year’s Birthday treat and Christmas meet up we wil have to find somewhere else.


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