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A ‘Free-From’ Life – New Beginnings

I've been busy making some changes to my blog. For sometime I've felt that Nikki Young Writes has become more of a writing-themed blog than a lifestyle one. The time had come to make a new home for my health-related articles and recipes. It means running two blogs, but at least this way both can ... READ the POST

3 Gluten and Dairy Free Birthday Cakes

I have a dairy and wheat intolerant child, so I don’t get to buy fancy birthday cakes for him every year. Besides, I like to experiment to see if I can come up with something palatable myself. We have three birthdays in quick succession in our house (Christmas day, and then 22nd and 27th of ... READ the POST

The Day She Dropped a Gluten Free Loaf on her Toe and Almost Ended Up In Casualty

I have often shied away from baking, preferring to cook savoury dishes instead. The thing I love most about cooking is having the freedom to experiment. I never have all the ingredients I need for a recipe and in fact, I rarely follow I recipe. I will look in my fridge, see what I have and then make ... READ the POST

Why do children like junk food?

Every Thursday my son and I pick up my eldest daughter from Cross Country club, then my other daughter and her friend from dance class. The route home takes us past MacDonald's and every week the conversation is the same: 'MacDonald's!' one of them will exclaim (as if it's the first time they've ... READ the POST

Nightshade foods and intolerance

Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and aubergines. Not just a random list of food, they are all part of the same group, the nightshades, along with the spices, cayenne and paprika. First thoughts when it comes to nightshades may well be the age old poison, 'deadly nightshade' but whilst this food group is ... READ the POST