Make a Booking


The workshops run on Saturdays, 3-5pm at a cost of £10 per child.

Story Ideas

In this workshop, we look at how to find story ideas from the everyday. This is a practical workshop, aimed at exercising the senses, so they can hone in to what is around us. It’s also a great way to improve those descriptive writing skills.

  • 4th Nov – Full

Story Development

What do you do with those story ideas once you find them? In this workshop, we look at story structure, to understand how to turn our own ideas into a story. We also look at the key elements we need to bring the story to life, such as character and setting.

  • 14th Oct – 1 place left
  • 11th Nov – 6 places left


Picture Book Workshop

What was it about your favourite bedtime story that made you want to read it over and over again? In this workshop, we’ll take a look at how to use simple language to the greatest effect in order to put together our own bedtime story or picture book. No artistic skills required, but we will take a practical approach, thinking about the layout and how the illustrations would fit around the text.

  • 18th Nov – 6 places left


Comic Strip Writing

Can you lay out your ideas, storyboard style and add just the right amount of text to make an interesting story? Some practical skills required, but your artistic talents need not extend beyond stick men. Comic strip writing is all about the dialogue and not forgetting the all-important use  of onomatopoeia – Kapow! Boom!

  • 25th Nov – 4 places left


Play In a Day

When you write speech in your stories, do your characters sound real? One way of finding out, as well as practicing your dialogue-writing technique, is to put together a mini play. You don’t need to be a budding actor to do this, but being able to read the lines is an important way of seeing how real-sounding  your characters are. This workshop will also help you see how characters show emotion. Learning how to describe these emotions is an invaluable skill in your writing

  • 2nd Dec – 6 places left


Make Your Own Book Trailer

Working in pairs, we are going to start by making our own book blurbs. Summarising our stories in a way that makes others want to read them will help us see if we truly have a great idea. We will then set out our blurbs in the form of a storyboard, collect suitable images and work text around them so  we can create a short video clip. You can bring your own iPads, if you have them, but this is not essential.

  • 9th Dec – 2 places left



6-Week Story Writing Course

Saturdays 2-3pm, £45.

Over six weeks we will look at how to narrow down your ideas and turn them into a 500 word story.
  • Sept 9th-Oct 14th – sorry full
  • Nov 4th-Dec 9th – 1 place left


Regular clubs

Young Writers

Alternate Saturdays, 5-6pm, £45 per six sessions.

A fortnightly writing club for older children (over 10 years). Please contact me for more details.