Creative Writing workshops - summer 2018 - Storymakers

Creative Writing Workshops – Summer 2018

Storymakers is a creative writing club for kids. UPDATE: THE CREATIVE WRITING SUMMER WORKSHOPS HAVE NOW FINISHED. FOR DETAILS OF WEEKLY GROUPS FROM SEPTEMBER, PLEASE GO TO THE STORYMKAKERS WEBSITE: http://www/ In addition to weekly groups, we offer holiday workshops and we have an exciting week packed full of creative…

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Enjoyment of writing is linked to writing success and attainment - Niki Young

There is a clear relationship between writing enjoyment and writing attainment.

Research by the National Literacy Trust examines attitudes towards writing among children and young adults. Much has been done in terms of studying the importance of wider reading for enjoyment and its connection to reading ability, but what about writing? The National Literacy Trust wanted to answer the question of…

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